Hormonally active tumors in the adrenal glands are rare but potentially deadly

Adrenal tumors - Causes and Consequences

The diagnosis of adrenal tumors has increased with a dramatic 2264 % in the last 21 years. Current guidelines on how to handle these patients rely on outdated and biased data. We aim to describe clinical presentation of adrenal tumors and determine their incidence, prevalence and prognosis.

Number of new patients diagnosed with or referred for adrenal tumors who have undergone adrenal surgery. Based on preliminary data from the Danish National Patient Registry.

We will identify patients diagnosed with adrenal tumors in 1996-2016 using Danish health registries and the Adrenal Tumor Database at the Mayo Clinic, Minnesota. We will obtain clinical data from health records to determine diagnostic value of symptoms and radiographic tumor characteristics in differentiating between hormonally active, silent and malignant adrenal tumors.

This project is a unique opportunity to provide urgently needed data of unrivaled quality. We hope that this PhD project will help in improving the guidelines on how to manage the increasing clinical challenge of adrenal incidentalomas.


(2018). Pheochromocytoma in Denmark 1977-2016: Validating diagnosis codes and creating a national cohort using patterns of health registrations. In Clin Epidemiol.

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