Asking for help with Stata

Most researchers are happy to help you, if you're struggling with your Stata code. But how do you ask other Stata nerds for help?

The Mighty Loop

Examples on how to use Stata's foreach loop function

Automating data import from REDCap

Redcap is fantastic for storing your valuable research data. But everytime you add or update results you need to download the newest data to rerun your analyses, which quickly gets tedious. Luckily there is a faster way: use Redcap's API!

Loading multiple csv files in Stata

How to load endless csv files into Stata with the loop function instead of copy/pasting yourself to death.

Stata ressources for beginners

You've got Stata installed and are ready to analyze your data. But how do you get started with importing your data, removing outliers and make that sweet graph you want? In this post, I'll share my go-to resources for when Stata serves you lemons.